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Analyzing Vitamins & Minerals

efarmakeio 19 Jan 0 34
Minerals and trace elements What are Minerals and Trace Elements?Very often we hear the term "Metals and Trace Elements" knowing that they are good for our body.However, most people do..
efarmakeio 19 Jan 0 31
 MEET VITAMINS AND THEIR BENEFITS   What are vitamins? Vitamins are a class of organic chemical compounds, which are necessary for the maintenance of a living organism,who is u..
efarmakeio 03 Mar 0 29
  THE VITAMINS OF THE B COMPLEX  There are 8 B vitamins found in food. Each one individually, but also all together, work for the same common purpose in the most "complex factory", our bod..
efarmakeio 22 Jan 0 20
 THE SECRETS OF VITAMIN B Vitamin D is an organic substance, it belongs to vitamins but also to hormones. In addition to its intake from food,produced in the body through direct exposu..
efarmakeio 22 Jan 0 45
 Ω3 FOR A STRONG HEART Omega 3s belong to the category of fatty acids that cannot be produced naturally by the body and must be supplemented in our daily diet.  There are three types o..
efarmakeio 18 Jan 0 41
Where is Selenium used and in which foods can you find it? Selenium, now considered an essential trace element for humans and animals, is found in unequal amounts in different parts of the earth..
efarmakeio 18 Jan 0 14
 THIS WINTER PROTECT YOUR BODY WITH YOUR DAILY INTAKE OF VITAMIN CWhat is Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, belongs to the water-soluble vitamins. The hum..
efarmakeio 15 Jan 0 17
 How useful is vitamin D for our body..?  Vitamin D, also known as the sun vitamin, is a fat-soluble vitamin that is formed in the body mainly through the absorption of solar ultraviolet r..
efarmakeio 12 Jan 0 81
 The vitamins and minerals that are against the hair loss!  Hair loss is a natural process that happens as we age. Many times, however, there are other factors, such as stress. For every p..
efarmakeio 11 Jan 0 86
 THE SECRETS OF CALCIUM  Most people think that it is only good for bones and teeth, without knowing its multiple actions in the body. The reason for calcium, the importance of which we te..
efarmakeio 27 Dec 0 17
 How can I boost my immune system? The components of a healthy system mainly concern the nutritional behavior of each person. As is known, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and herbs are immune..
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