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Brand: Agan EAN: 5060406350203
Agan Metabolin 1 X-Syndrome Control offer the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome disorders. Metabolin 1 is a powerful herbal nutritional formula that combines polyphenols from Pomolive® (patented Pyrus malus-apple extract and Olea europaea-olive) and Bergavit® (titrated Citrus aurantium bergami..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282770206449
Indicated for active women looking for treatment for stubborn cellulite.  Based on groundbreaking scientific innovation, inspired by the metabolism of athletes, MY COACH is the first ELANCYL product with 89% of ingredients of natural origin designed to multiply the effects of your normal daily ..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282770143867
Recommended to prepare the skin before any kind of body treatment.PREPARE YOUR SKIN IN THE SHOWERShower gel formulated to complement your stubborn cellulitis treatment. An energising and dynamic formula with a pleasant texture that smoothens and comforts the skin, providing immediate freshne..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282770108286
Recommended for areas such as the arms, thighs, hips and buttocks.A treatment specifically formulated for the appearance of flaccidity and the loss of firmness associated with age or sudden changes in the volume of the body. This product also contains our 3D Caffeine complex with anti-cellulite ..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282779279109
Recommended for the care of stubborn cellulite with a daily application in the evening. Specific anti-cellulite formula for a daily application in the evening. Its formula activates lipid metabolism during sleep.It ensures 24-hour efficacy with one application per day.Slim Design Nig..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282770208757
SLIM DESIGN SLIMMING CAPSULESHelps “stabilise your figure” – promotes and helps improve the appearance of the skinHELPS “STABILISE YOUR FIGURE” PROMOTES AND HELPS IMPROVE THE APPEARANCE OF THE SKIN 8 WEEKS EFFICACY IN 8 WEEKS -3 KG OF BODY FAT.“Capsules with 95% natural ingredient..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282770107692
SLIM MASSAGERecommended for the treatment of cellulite and reshaping the figureSTIMULATE DRAIN REDEFINE ANTI-CELLULITE AND TONER 1 DAYThe skin is as soft as velvet, 100% radiant, luminous and 100% toned after the first use****1 DAYGlowing skin from the first us..
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