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Brand: ADE EAN: 4260578580335
ADE 5-filter air purifier HM 1804Five-fold filter system with pre-filter, EPA and activated carbon filter and UV-C lamp with ioniser removes pollution up to 95% Pre-filter to protect against coarse dirt and dust praticles EPA (E11) and activated carbon filter to protect against fine dust,..
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Brand: ADE EAN: 4260578580991
Innovative 5 in 1 filter, absorbs and removes effectively viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, microparticles, odors and eliminates microorganisms that can be harmful to health. CharacteristicsPre-filter: Retains large dust particles and pet hair Activated Carbon Filter: Filters and brea..
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Brand: Beurer EAN: 4211125255015
The heat pad with 3 temperature settings and removable switch keeps you nice and warm. BENEFITS3 temperature settings Beurer safety system (BSS) Automatic switch-off after approx. 90 min. Accurate electronic temperature regulation Illuminated temperature settings Removable switch H..
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Brand: Brita EAN: 4006387200176
Reduces substances like chlorine that affect your water’s odour and tasteOne cartridge lasts for around four weeksProtects domestic appliances from limescale build-upBRITA CLASSIC filter cartridges fit all BRITA CLASSIC water filter jugs and kettles as well as domestic appliances of our BRIT..
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Brand: Mapa EAN: 8004200211206
Fill warm water rather than boiled waterOpen the plastic screw on the mouth of bottle. Held it vertically and fill it around 2/3rd with warm water. Now place the screw on bottle's mouth and tighten it enough to avoid any leakage. Wrap the bottle with a towel or any cover before making any contac..
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