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Brand: Kessler EAN: 5201938131216
Fully automated digital device for the measurement ofblood pressure through the upper arm. Lightweight andcompact design, ideal for home use as well as for travelling.Lightweight, compact designOscillometric measuring method with certfied precisionof ± 3mmHgAC Adaptor readyDate and Time indications..
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Brand: Kessler EAN: 5201938131209
Fully automated digital device for the measurement of blood pressure through the upper-arm, ideal for home use.Blood pressure classification indicatorAbnormal hearbeat indicatorOscillometric measuring method with certifiedprecision of ±3mmHgAC adaptor ready2-zone memory for storage of the last 120 ..
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Brand: Kessler EAN: 5201938125222
High precision manual blood pressure monitor with adjustable gauge and stethoscope for easy and comfortable measurement at homeBest audio performance due to LSTS technologyAdjustable gaugePump with dust protection filterMetal clip cuff with special Kessler symbol of standard suitabilityProtection a..
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Brand: Lanes EAN: 5201314079965
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Brand: G-U-M EAN: 070942302289
Εάν ταλαιπωρείστε από φλεγμονή ή αιμορραγία στα ούλα, δεν είστε μόνοι, καθώς περίπου το 70% των ανθρώπων αντιμετωπίζουν προβλήματα στα ούλα σε κάποιο σημείο της ζωής τους.Αν και τα προβλήματα των ούλων είναι πολύ κοινά, πρέπει να αντιμετωπίζονται το συντομότερο δυνατό ώστε να αποφευχθούν πιο σοβ..
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Brand: Omega Pharma EAN: 5400951990170
ARTERIN CHOLESTERIN is an effective and well-tolerated dietary supplement, based on plant extracts from bergamot and artichoke, to lower and maintain the cholesterol Clinically proven effectiveness Good compatibility Antioxidant effect and protection of blood vessels Unique, patented fo..
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Brand: Easy Step EAN: 5206273016600
The Easy Step Gel Bunion Shield comforts, protects, and moistens painful bunions.The unique GEL molds to your foot and is clinically proven to provide immediate relief.One size...
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EAN: 5206278009942
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Brand: 3M EAN: 4046719343393
Earplugs set the standard in hearing protection as the world's first foam earplugsSlow recovery, low pressure foam conforms to the shape of the ear canal for enhanced comfort and wearability Moisture-resistant—helps maintain a consistent expansion time, even in humid environments Flame re..
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