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 UVA / UVB radiation and sun protection!  What is UV radiation?Ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) is part of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by the sun.It is divided into three types..
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 Are you ready for the 3 days of Easter?  The countdown to Easter has begun!!Passover is called the great festival of Christianity and Judaism.In Judaism it was established as a comme..
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Say no to hair loss! On average, an adult's head has about 100,000-150,000 hairs and it is normal to lose about 100 hairsper day (on bathing day, up to 250 may be lost).In normal hair loss, a..
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A hair on the head is worth two in the comb!!Throughout our life hair is born, grows and dies. This is a normal hair renewal process that occurs in all people, with a normal hair volume of 90,000 -..
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 SENSITIVE SKIN? WHERE IT IS DUE AND HOW TO PROTECT IT.  Sensitive skin shows skin redness, itching and irritation.It is characterized by hyper-reactivity.There is one rule to follow t..
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 What is the Micro Needle Roller? The Micro Needle Roller is a specialized product made of medical steel micro needles, suitable for all ages and skin types. How does it work? The effect..
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 Erectile Dysfunction: What Causes It?Erectile dysfunction is either a complete inability to achieve an erection or a tendency not to maintain erections for a short or even very short pe..
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 AMINO ACIDS – DO THEY HELP ATHLETES?  The term amino acids is widely used in sports circles and not unfairly.Amino acids are a key component of muscles, the structure of which concerns a..
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 CHOLESTEROL The profile of cholesterol Cholesterol is a fatty substance (lipid) that our body needs to function properly. That is why, after all, it is synthesized by our liver. It is a compone..
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 TENDER CARE FOR YOUR FEET!  Although our feet are strained perhaps more than any other part of our body,the truth is that we often neglect them until summer comes.Frequent care i..
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 Conception: what ingredients can increase the chances?  Having children is a desire that arises in the majority of couples at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, it has been notic..
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 WHAT SEMEN QUALITY SHOWS ABOUT A MAN'S HEALTH  And yet according to new research, men's health is inextricably linked to the quality of their sperm! Those men who experience infertility..
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