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Brand: Doctor's Formulas EAN: 5200403400253
CURCUMIN 200 mg is a dietary supplement containing Turmeric root extract (Curcuma longa) with a 95% content in Curcumin elements with Curcumin being the dominant among them. Curcumin:  has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties  aides in the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal a..
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Brand: Health Aid EAN: 5019781025688
Κουρκουμίνη, ισχυρό αντιοξειδωτικό - αντιφλεγμονώδες Το κύριο συστατικό του Turmeric είναι η κουρκουμίνη, η οποία βρίσκεται στη ρίζα του φυτού και ευθύνεται για το κίτρινό του χρώμα. Μελέτες έδειξαν ότι η κουρκουμίνη του Turmeric μπορεί να αναστείλλει τις ουσίες, που συμμετέχουν στην φλεγμον..
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Brand: Lamberts EAN: 5055148412616
Each tablet contains 200mg of turmeric root extract, equivalent to a full 10,000mg of turmeric spice (or two heaped teaspoons). It is standardised to provide 95% curcuminoids, which is the level generally used in studies. Furthermore, our Turmeric tablets are fast release, disintegrating between 15 ..
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Brand: Solgar EAN: 033984595972
DescriptionSolgar® Brain Works with Full Spectrum Curcumin & Bacomind is designed for mind and memory.  Carefully bringing together the power of traditional botanicals and scientifically studied ingredients in this unique vegan formulation.The brain controls every function of the body including ..
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Brand: Solgar EAN: 033984041615
DescriptionTurmeric Root Extract - more than just a culinary ingredient, this bright yellow spice also boasts several health-boosting properties. Solgar's Turmeric Root extract contains a standardised dose, meaning you can be assured of a consistent dose of the active ingredient curcumin in ever..
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Brand: Terranova Nutrition EAN: 5060203793562
Organic turmeric, processed by the fresh freeze-dried method, which ensures its nutritional properties remain unchanged.It contributes to:normal function of the liver health of the joints control of digestive disorders improving the lipid profileNational Organization for Med..
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Brand: Lamberts EAN: 5055148410339
Lamberts® Curcumin Ultra contains a technically advanced turmeric extract that has been specially prepared to greatly increase its absorption from the digestive system.One established problem with curcumin is that it does not easily dissolve in water and it is this feature of the compound that i..
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Brand: Leriva Pharma EAN: 5420024611894
Developed by Tilman, the internationally renowned specialist in phytotherapy, Flexofytol® is based on a bio-optimized extract of turmeric and is recommended for maintaining articular flexibility, preserving the joints, limiting cartilage ageing, and improving articular function, particularly for sen..
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