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Foot Care

Brand: Easy Step EAN: 5206273016600
The Easy Step Gel Bunion Shield comforts, protects, and moistens painful bunions.The unique GEL molds to your foot and is clinically proven to provide immediate relief.One size...
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Brand: A.Menarini Diagnostics EAN: 4051276201253
Η Menarini Diagnostics παρουσιάζει τον κλινικά ελεγμένο αφρό φροντίδας και περιποίησης ποδιών neuropad® repair foot foam, με πέντε δραστικά συστατικά και ουρία. H ειδική σύνθεσή του, η οποία έχει σχεδιαστεί από επιστήμονες εξειδικευμένους στο χώρο της δερματολογίας και του διαβήτη, του επιτρ..
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Brand: A.Vogel EAN: 7610313303465
Spilanthes has attractive bronzy, dark green leaves which are not only edible but have also been used in traditional medicine for many centuries.It is native to the tropics of Brazil but can be grown in various parts of the world – including Switzerland where A.Vogel cultivates this plant for us..
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Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5200703500615
Vaseline with chamomile softens and lubricates dry and damaged skin Contains chamomile oil with bisabolol and essential oils for anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and soothing action USEExternal INGREDIENTSPETROLATUM, CARYLIC CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDES, CHAMOMILA, RECUTITA, PARFUM..
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Brand: Antistax EAN: 4049001000042
Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve symptoms related to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), such as swollen legs, varicose veins, a feeling of heaviness, pain, tiredness, itching and tension. DIRECTIONSHow Antistax® Works: Antistax®, taken daily, uses red vine leaf to help reduce lo..
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Brand: Antistax EAN: 3582910081975
Antistax Double Fresh Gel is a unique, easily absorbed and non-greasy solution which soothes and refreshes tired, heavy legs. Simply apply it whenever needed throughout the day...
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Brand: Bodyfarm EAN: 5204702020167
Rich foot cream inspired by the unique nourishing, moisturizing and regenerative properties contained in donkey milk.Enriched with natural Hyaluronic acid, Salicylic acid and Urea protect the skin, repair dry and cracked feet and heels...
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Brand: Caudalie EAN: 3522930000860
Enriched with Vinolevure, grape-seed oil and organic fair trade shea butter, this creamy balm intensely nourishes and repairs feet without leaving a greasy finish.Its cooling texture immediately soothes feet, for the ultimate moment of wellbeing. Delicately scented with irresistible notes of ci..
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Brand: Cheiron Pharma EAN: 5200121030046
LACUREX is an ointment with strong moisturizing and moderate keratolytic effects. It is specially formulated for the management of moderate endogenous or acquired xerosis ( dry skin ) and hyperkeratosis. LACUREX ointment presents a unique powerful combination of active ingredients:  ..
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Brand: Compeed EAN: 3574660140156
COMPEED Corn plasters contain hydrocolloid active gel technology which relieves pain immediately and helps remove the corn. Not only does it stay in place for days*, it provides protection and cushioning from rubbing and pressure. Hydrocolloid TechnologyCOMPEED Hydrocolloid Technology pr..
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