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Relief from Irritations

Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279071066
Gentle Cleansing Gel for the Intimate Area for Daily UseCleanses gently without drying Respects the pH and the natural flora of sensitive area BENEFITSGentle daily intimate gel for cleansing and prevention, specifically for healthy women of reproductive age. It cleanses and pr..
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279011628
Gentle Foam Cleanser for the Intimate AreaOffers intensive moisturization & a soothing effect Respects the pH and the natural flora of sensitive area Helps during menopause or with dryness BENEFITSGentle daily cleansing gel ideal for menopause and vaginal dryness. It allevia..
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279011611
Gentle Cleansing Gel for the Intimate Area for Extra ProtectionHelps protect against microorganisms causing irritations Respects the pH and the natural flora of sensitive area Alleviates discomfort BENEFITSGentle daily intimate cleansing gel for extra protection from frequen..
9.90€ 13.20€
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888102158
This multiple action care gel relieves irritation and itching in the intimate area. It has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect and provides deep hydration.The gel also provides post-hair removal protection and relief from inflamed hair follicles, usually occurring after waxing, and ingrown ..
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Brand: Intermed EAN: 5205152012603
Eva Intima Medival Minor Discomfort Antipruritic cream-gel to relieve external genital organsEva Intima Medival is a cream-gel specifically designed to provide immediate and effective relief to the external genital organs from itching and burning that cause common non-pathological conditions..
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EAN: 5200411400009
Η κολπική κρέμα gel Silloffgyn είναι ιατροτεχνολογικό προϊόν που παρέχει τις βέλτιστες συνθήκες για την επούλωση επιθηλιακών μικροαλλοιώσεων που προκαλούνται από τον ιό HPV και την ξηρότητα, ως συμπληρωματική θεραπεία.Χρήση:για τον έλεγχο της φυσιολογικής ζώνης μετασχηματισμού κόλπου-τραχή..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888223136
Intravaginal cleanser that strengthens the vaginal flora and leaves the vagina healthy and odour-free.Chamomile provides relief from itching, burning and dryness, while other active ingredients protect the vaginal pH, regenerate the vaginal epithelium after menstruation and removes secretions or..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888261039
An award winning body cream for sensitive skin, that is prone to itching and irritation.The formula’s unique combination of herbal oils, herbal extracts and emollient esters, soothes and treats the thin, dull and irritated skin. It is ideal for skin care during pregnancy.Awarded by Prix De B..
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