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Mouthwashes Against Bad Breath

EAN: 5206469005555
CB12 MouthwashPatented formula with clinically proven 12-hour breath neutralising effect. Includes 0.05% sodium fluoride, an ingredient proven to strengthen your enamel with daily use14,18 Mint/menthol flavour.Suggested use: Rinse with 10 ml for 30 to 60 sec in the morning or evenin..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888282072
Fluoride mouthwash for the daily treatment of malodor and bad breath. With zinc complex, which treats the unpleasant smell caused by sulfur-containing volatile compounds formed in the gums and the tongue.  BENEFITS   Treats bad smell    Neutralizes unpleasant breathing    Comb..
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Το Octonion oral είναι φυτικό στοματικό διάλυμα με 6 βότανα και χωρίς χημικά πρόσθετα και αποτελεί μία ιδανική φυσική λύση για προβλήματα όπως: άφθες, στοματίτιδα, αμυγδαλίτιδα, φαρυγγίτιδα, μικροβιακή πλάκα, ουλίτιδα, τερηδόνα και δυσάρεστη αναπνοή. Το φυτικό στοματικό διάλυμα Octonion oral δεν έχε..
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Brand: Power Health EAN: 5200321009255
Healthy smile with a taste of Greece!Smart, beautiful, approving, wide, warm, "icy", happy, erotic, whatever it is, the smile reflects our feelings and our health. A healthy smile, however, requires proper care. The care offered by the Mastident oral hygiene series. Smile with confidence, and en..
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