Hand Moisturizer

Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279073343
Intensive moisturizing cream that maintains hands naturally hydrated, nourishes and protects the skin.Moisturizes deep down Nourishes and softens Prevents dry chapped hands BENEFITSMoisturizes thanks to hyaluronic acid, organic aloe vera juice, organic Greek olive oil and..
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279073367
Hand Cream for Dry-Chapped Hands with Concentrated TextureDeeply repairs & soothes dry hand Restores moisture Improves skin texture & protects A rich texture cream that restores lost hydration, moisturizes intensively, heals cracks and improves skin texture, while at the same time i..
5.92€ 7.90€
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279073350
Moisturizing hand cream that maintains natural hydration and moisturizes hands and nails, while leaving skin soft and lightly scented with jasmine notes.Moisturizes Softens Protects from daily aggressors BENEFITSMoisturizes skin, while maintaining hands naturally hydrated..
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Brand: Avene EAN: 3282779416139
Cicalfate HANDRich, restorative hand lotion restores skin's delicate barrier and relieves dry, cracked hands. BENEFITS CICALFATE HANDPROVEN Lasts through 5 hand washings (2)REPLENISHES Creamy, nourishing hand cream replenishes skin's natural barrierPROTECTS Soothes discom..
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Brand: Avene EAN: 3282770072815
Cold Cream Concentrated Hand CreamRich, nourishing hand lotion helps protect and restore dry, chapped hands without a greasy residue.BENEFITS COLD CREAM CONCENTRATED HAND CREAMPROVEN Lasts through 6 hand washingsCONCENTRATED Rich cream helps restore dry, cracked hands and nails ..
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Brand: Bepanthol EAN: 5200309851944
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Brand: Cera Di Cupra EAN: 8002140050947
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Brand: Cerave EAN: 3337875597319
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Brand: Froika EAN: 5204799010621
Μαλακώνει, Ενυδατώνει, Καταπραϋνει, Επουλώνει και περιποιείται τα σκασμένα χέρια.Προστατεύει από την επίδραση εξωτερικών παραγόντων (Ήλιος, Ξηρός ή Κρύος Αέρας, Καθαριστικά Προϊόντα). Κατάλληλο για:Δερµατίτιδες των χεριών (Δερµατίτιδα εξ' επαφής, Επαγγελµατικές Δερµατίτιδες).Δυσι..
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Brand: Hydrovit EAN: 5203957120004
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Brand: Korres EAN: 5203069055188
Moisturizing Hand Cream for Daily Use with Pear & Bergamot.Moisturizing, non-greasy texture, suitable for daily use.Aroma of bergamot blossom and sweet pear. Calendula, in combination with Almond and Aloe oil, help maintain moisture in the skin, leaving the hands soft. Dermatologicall..
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