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Exfoliants - Scrub

Brand: Bodyfarm EAN: 5204702020266
Natural exfoliating with donkey milk.The natural olive and apricot kernels, it contains effectively cleanse the skin, removing dead cells, excess sebum and impurities, giving an instant glow to dull skin, without irritating it.With a composition that nourishes and maintains the elasticity of..
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Brand: Elancyl EAN: 3282770110029
ENERGIZING FOAMING SCRUB NORMAL SKIN IDEAL FORCLEANSES, EXFOLIATES AND PREPARES - HYDRATES - TONES - BOOSTS RADIANCEPrepares the skin for firming care. Removes dead skin cells and impurities for softer, radiant, hydrated and toned skin.SMOOTH AND TONED SKIN - SOFTNESS - HYDRATIO..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888271175
A gentle scrub that buffs away dead cells, leaving skin radiant and smooth. The cooling gel formula contains jojoba grains in a perfectly spherical casing. This ensures the scrub does not aggravate the skin, making it a facial scrub suitable for sensitive skin.It also contains peptides from the ..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888271083
A revolutionary body milk that combines exfoliating and moisturizing agents, which rejuvenate the skin.A & B Hydroxyacids and a rich blend of moisturizing and softening agents remove dead skin cells while nourishing and enhancing normal cell renewal.The body milk’s lightweight texture allows..
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Brand: Gehwol EAN: 4013474103470
Απολεπιστική πάστα με “Mother of Pearl” για γάμπες και πέλματαΗ Απολεπιστική Πάστα Gehwol Mother of Pearl Scrub αφαιρεί τα νεκρά κύτταρα της επιδερμίδας στις γάμπες και τα πέλματα.Η σκόνη μαργαριταριών, οι λεπτοί κρύσταλλοι ζάχαρης και τα σφαιρίδια από κερί κάνουν ελαφρύ μασάζ και περιποιούν..
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Brand: Korres EAN: 5203069052774
Glycerine-based soap with exfoliating action that gently buffs away dead cells and improves the appearance of the skin.It is enriched with caffeine and seaweed extracts, known for their purifying action, as well as palm tree oil that helps nourish and soften for radiant and refreshed skin.  ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680010941
This body scrub with Honey, Sugar Crystals and Precious Oils is a real 2-in-1 product that exfoliates and nourishes the skin.Your skin is nourished, appearing visibly more beautiful with a more even texture.Promising a very pleasurable experience, this scrub appeals with a floral-honey scent..
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Brand: Zarbis EAN: 5203036017706
Scrub χεριών & σώματος με πράσινο τσάι και κόκκους Jojoba• Καθαρίζει βαθιά το δέρμα• Απομακρύνει τα νεκρά κύτταρα• Απελευθερώνει τους πόρους και αφήνει το δέρμα να αναπνέει• Ενεργοποιεί τη φυσική διαδικασία ανάπλασης του δέρματος• Ενισχύει τη κυκλοφορία στα μικροαγγεία ακριβώς κά..
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Brand: Avene EAN: 3282770110944
Gentle ScrubTwo sizes of biodegradable, non-abrasive cellulose and jojoba wax beads ensure optimal exfoliation and refine skin's texture. Nourishes, hydrates and provides antioxidant protection for softer, more radiant skin.BENEFITS GENTLE SCRUBFORTIFIES: Sustainable plant-based trio ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680032684
Revitalising Shower GelShower gelCleanses. Softens. RefreshesContains 95 % natural origin ingredients This ultra-sensorial shower gel, a dreamy harmony of a botanical cleansing base and a green tea extract, delicately cleanses the skin to leave it feeling soft and comfortable. ..
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