Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Brand: A.Vogel EAN: 7610313404186
Solidago virguarea, also known as Golden Rod, is a herbaceous plant found in temperate countries, often in the natural flora of grassy mountainous areas. The name Solidago means ‘to make whole’. In 15th and 16th Century Europe it was used topically for wound healing but in modern times the main use ..
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Brand: A.Vogel EAN: 7610313303489
Stinging Nettle, has a well-known reputation for its sting when the skin touches the hairs and bristles on the leaves and stems. The name Urtica comes from the Latin verb urere, meaning 'to burn’.Interestingly when the fine hairs on the Urtica plant come into contact with a painful area of the b..
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Brand: Bio-Kult EAN: 5027314505026
Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan is scientifically developed to target your urinary tract, as well as your digestive system. Our advanced multi-strain formulation contains vitamin A which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of mucous membranes which can be found lining many ..
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Brand: Uni-Pharma EAN: 5206938000227
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Brand: Ezira EAN: 972035430 | 99
LEVIACYST D is a food supplement based on D-Mannose, Propolis, Cranberry and Bearberry. Cranberry and Bearberry extracts are useful for promoting urinary tract functionality. Each sachet provides 1500 mg of D-Mannose and 43.2 mg of PAC-A calculated according to the BL DMAC method.IngredientsD-Manno..
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Brand: Lanes EAN: 5201314068518
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Brand: Olonea EAN: 5200116289473
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Brand: Oregano4life EAN: 5214001065097
Natural cleansing liquid wash with Greek wild oregano oil.DESCRIPTIONFungor Liquid Wash is a natural cleansing liquid of innovative composition, suitable for face, body, hair, feet and intimate area. It is a gentle formulation based on organically cultivated Greek wild oregano essential oil (Origanu..
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Brand: Solgar EAN: 033984009554
Solgar Natural Cranberry Extract is a specialised formula containing cranberry and Vitamin C.Cranberries are a native fruit to North America and are commonly used in American, European and Middle Eastern cuisines and are often found in dried form.Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that helps ..
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Brand: Genecom EAN: 5214000633143
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