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Brand: G-U-M EAN: 070942302289
Εάν ταλαιπωρείστε από φλεγμονή ή αιμορραγία στα ούλα, δεν είστε μόνοι, καθώς περίπου το 70% των ανθρώπων αντιμετωπίζουν προβλήματα στα ούλα σε κάποιο σημείο της ζωής τους.Αν και τα προβλήματα των ούλων είναι πολύ κοινά, πρέπει να αντιμετωπίζονται το συντομότερο δυνατό ώστε να αποφευχθούν πιο σοβ..
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Brand: A.Vogel EAN: 7610313021413
Dentaforce Mouthwash with herbal extracts is a natural, herbal alternative to standard mouthwashes for good oral hygiene.Vegan.Vegetarian.Cruelty free.100% Natural.Freshens breath.Supports oral hygiene.Free from fluoride, sulphate, sugar, gluten, wheat, lactose, soya, artificial colourings, preserva..
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EAN: 5206469005555
CB12 MouthwashPatented formula with clinically proven 12-hour breath neutralising effect. Includes 0.05% sodium fluoride, an ingredient proven to strengthen your enamel with daily use14,18 Mint/menthol flavour.Suggested use: Rinse with 10 ml for 30 to 60 sec in the morning or evenin..
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Brand: EllaDent EAN: 5214000723066
EllaDent Daily Mouthwash 500mlFor daily care ot teeth and gums and against halitosis. IDEAL FORProtection of the teeth, against halitosis and for gum empowerment.  BENEFITSContains no alcohol or Parabens thus it does not cause dry mouth and alterations of the oral ..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888282041
Mouthwash with a therapeutic and clinically effective concentration of Chlorhexidine 0.2% to effectively treat the symptoms of periodontitis, gingivitis, making it suitable postoperatively. It contains a specially selected combination of active ingredients of strong antimicrobial activity. B..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888282027
Fluoride mouthwash that prevents gingivitis and periodontitis fighting the bacterium Porphyromonas Gingivalis. Its innovative and powerful combination of zinc salt, cymenol and kelp extract protects and effectively protects the sensitive teeth and swollen gums. It also protects from caries. ..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888282010
Fluoride mouthwash that prevents and reduces the symptoms of periodontitis Its specialized composition, enriched with Chlorexidine 0.1%, bioactive peptide and Hyaluronic acid, accelerates gum regeneration and prevents the teeth from falling out. It also reduces bone loss, hydrates and heals the gums..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888282034
Fluoride mouthwash for daily teeth and gum care. Innovative powerful combination of active ingredients and natural extracts which protects from plaque and tartar. Sodium Fluoride 250ppm.  BENEFITS   Protects from tartar    Fights dental plaque     Prevents from oral microbial ..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888282003
Fluoride mouthwash for sensitive teeth. Its composition is enriched with organic potassium salt which instantly and effectively relieves dental sensitivity.The mouthwash also prevents the formation of plaque and the development of cavities while preventing the creation of oral microbial biofilm ..
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