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Sunscreen for Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation

Brand: Ducray EAN: 3282770049299
Daily lightening anti-brown spot care for normal to combination skin. This light cream evens out and lightens the skin tone, especially in cases of uneven pigmentation.Hyperpigmentation Normal to combination skin BENEFITSLIGHTENS AND EVENS OUT SKIN TONE ENRICHED WITH MA..
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Brand: Ducray EAN: 3282770073249
Sun-induced skin aging: combination of brown spots, wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. Tones down brown spots, leaves skin firmer. Skin is supple and firm once again.Sun protection Paraben-free BENEFITSTONES DOWN BROWN SPOTS SKIN IS SUPPLE AND FIRM ONCE MORE O..
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Brand: Ducray EAN: 3282770049497
Effective photoprotection against brown spots and photo-aging, for dry skin. Melascreen UV is the 1st photoprotector from DUCRAY Laboratories that limits and reduces brown spots and protects against photo-aging. Hyperpigmentation Sun protection BENEFITSLIMITS AND REDUCE..
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Brand: Ducray EAN: 3282770049503
MELASCREEN UV Αντηλιακή κρέμα SPF50+ UVA με λεπτόρρευστη υφή Αντηλιακή προστασία / Υπερμελάγχρωση   ΟΦΕΛΗ Η Melascreen UV είναι η 1η φωτοπροστατευτική φροντίδα των Εργαστηρίων DUCRAY που περιορίζει και μειώνει τις καφέ κηλίδες και προστατεύει από τη φωτογήρανση.Τριπλή καινοτόμος σύνθε..
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Brand: La Roche Posay EAN: 3337872414176
Skin tone correcting daily moisturiserSPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR:Pigmentclar UV - Anti dark-spots and anti-greying, the corrective daily moisturiser with SPF and anti-pollution protection for a brighter-looking complexion.Avoid the eye contour Suitable for all skin types Non-come..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680022166
NUXE Sun Light Fluid High Protection SPF50Prevents dark spots Moisturises. Anti-ageing cellular protection. Normal to combination skin.Ideal for combination skin, the Sun Fluid SPF 50 helps to protect your face from the sun's rays and premature photoageing of the skin.Shake it..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680006999
Melting Face Cream for Face SPF50Moisturises and prevents the appearance of dark spots.Anti-ageing cellular protection. All skin types. The Melting Cream SPF 50 helps to protect your face from the sun's rays and premature photoageing of the skin to prevent the appearance of da..
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Brand: Uriage EAN: 3661434004285
DÉPIDERM Κρέμα Χεριών Κατά των Καφέ Κηλίδων SPF15 ΙΔΑΝΙΚΟ ΓΙΑ ΧέριαΑυτή η θρεπτική και προστατευτική κρέμα με SPF15 διορθώνει τις υπάρχουσες καφέ κηλίδες και προλαμβάνει την εμφάνιση νέων. Η ανάλαφρη και μεταξένια υφή της αφήνει ένα βελούδινο φινίρισμα στο δέρμα. Τα χέρια μένουν απαλά και..
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