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Antiaging - Firming Serum

Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5206278010696
shine and velvet texture with caviarSpecial intensive care serum with caviar extract containing a combination of active ingredients, such as balsam, panthenol, sea buckthorn and allantoin, with regenerative and soothing action. Its active ingredients give:Glow and firmness Velve..
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Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5206278010702
Concentrated moisturizing serum with high efficiency plant stem cells, suitable for all skin types  The Ag Pharm Cellular Serum contains a set of active elements consisting of stem cells that mobilize the process of differentiation of epidermal cells by offering:Cell regeneration. anti..
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Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5206278010689
Instant firming face Lifting Serum Lifting Serum innovative Tens up Liftonin Xpress ingredients have an immediate and long-lasting firming effect, help increase collagen synthesis by protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the environment and from the long-term signs of aging. It..
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Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5206278010733
Snail Serum immediate action with snail saliva extracts, rich in valuable ingredients that make it unique for the treatment and repair of facial and neck skin problems.Contains mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, glycolic acid ..
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Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5206278010726
The secret to the success of Snake Serum is due to a tripeptide that has a similar action to that of snake venom. It undoes the contraction and relaxes the muscles.It has similar effects to Botulinum toxin, giving the skin the extra energy it needs while the active ingredients provide:Str..
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Brand: Avene EAN: 3282770153101
Συσφικτικό - Μειώνει τις ρυτίδες - ΑναγεννάΣυμπυκνωμένο serum με καθαρό υαλουρονικό οξύ (1,5%) και νιασιναμίδη (6%) για να δρα στα αίτια της γήρανσης. Το δέρμα είναι πιο σφριγηλό, οι ρυτίδες μειώνονται.Με τα χρόνια όλα επιταχύνονται. Τα γηρασμένα κύτταρα εξαπλώνονται και το δέρμα λειτουργεί..
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Brand: Bodyfarm EAN: 5204702020105
Face and neck intensive care serum for immediate and visible results. Its novel composition with the innovative Yeast Pichia heedii peptide complex offers hydration while combating oxidative stress from environmental pollutants.Rich composition of Hippophae, Organic Olive Oil, Aloe and Hyaluroni..
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Brand: Darphin EAN: 882381021849
Dark Circles Relief and De-Puffing Eye Serum is a weightless, high-potency serum that smoothes and refreshes the tired and delicate under-eye area and lids to help dimish the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Formulated with 98% of ingredients from natural origin such as peptides, Passionflo..
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Brand: Darphin EAN: 882381073466
The secret to an exquisite and expressive look – enjoy your age, stay curious, laugh and keep moving. Now with Exquisâge you can infuse life to your skin to complement your attitude and reveal your radiant inner beauty. Thanks to our breakthrough "CelluVie™ Complex" and skin-renewing ingredients inc..
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Brand: Darphin EAN: 882381073961
Ideal Resource Light Re-Birth Overnight Cream is perfect for night repair in one step! Wake up to radiant skin after only one night. This elegant cream features 80% of ingredients from natural origin, such as Neroli essential oil, Knotweed and White Hibiscus, which restore skin's glow and promote ce..
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