First Wrinkles

Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5200703501513
Ag Pharm Derma Roller Microneedles 0.25mm  Eye Serum 3x2ml & Whitening Serum 2x2m..
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Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5200703501551
Ag Pharm Derma Roller Microneedles 0.25mm Gift Box Lifting Serum 3x2ml & Snake Serum 2x2ml..
15.12€ 17.79€
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Brand: Darphin EAN: 882381096724
8-Flower Golden NectarSalicylic Acid Helps Bring New Cells To The Surface, Plus 20 Essential Oils And 24k Gold Flakes Nourish Skin8-Flower Golden Nectar is a blend of 8 precious flowers and over 20 Plant and Essential Oils with 24k Gold for youthful, radiant-looking skin. Formulated with 9..
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EAN: 2418028 | 2418
Theory of Microneedle TherapyMicroneedle therapy uses a knead rod inlayed with 540 slender titanium needles, regularly rolling in the places which need to cure, it can puncture more than 250,000 micro vessels on the epidermal within five minutes, form a efficient nutrient delivery system in th..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888271120
This specialised anti-ageing day cream provides long-lasting hydration and sun protection.The enhanced formula contains UVA and UVB filters, hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing agents, ensuring complete care against the first signs of ageing. The cream works to prevent the formation of early wrinkle..
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Brand: Garden of Panthenols EAN: 5205962004614
ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM FACE & EYES 50mlEnriched anti-wrinkle face and eye cream, 24-hour protection. The combination of Panthenol with the Hyaluronic Acid offers intensive hydration, replenishing the natural moisture and restoring the elasticity of the skin, resulting in cell renewal and skin shinin..
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Brand: Medisei Panthenol Extra EAN: 5200312242869
Anti-wrinlkle CreamPANTHENOL  |  CROCUS SATIVUS  |  PEPTIDES  |  HYALURONIC ACID  |  RIBOSEAnti-wrinkle and deep moisturizing action Daily protection for face and eye area Visible results from the 1st week*Introduce Panthenol Extra Face & Eye Cream to your face routine and see y..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680015823
Inspired by Korean cosmetics, this liquid primer lotion with an anti-oxidant complex containing Jasmine flower and Vitamin C refreshes, replumps and reveals the skin's freshness Skin is re-energized and ready to derive maximum benefit from daily care products. DIRECTIONSApply morning and..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680025488
This silky multi-correction first wrinkle cream with an anti-oxidant complex containing jasmine flower helps to combat the harmful effects of everyday life (stress, fatigue, pollution, etc.) while respecting your skin's natural balance. Day after day, skin appears fresher and more radiant and the fi..
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Brand: Sebamed EAN: 4103040134998
Ενυδατώνει και καταπραΰνει την επιδερμίδαΣε ερεθιστικές θεραπείες της Ακμήςμε: Υαλουρονικό οξύ, Αλόη, Πανθενόλη, Αλλαντοΐνη100% Oil freeΧΡΗΣΗ: Σε καθαρό δέρμα, απλώστε το ενυδατικό gel με απαλές κυκλικές κινήσεις. Να χρησιμοποιείται πρωί-βράδυ.Συστατικά Aqua,Aloe barbadensis lea..
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Brand: Sebamed EAN: 4103040004932
Καθαρίζει βαθειά τους πόρους, και απομακρύνει τα νεκρά κύτταρα. Μειώνει τα μαύρα στίγματα.Χρήση: Σε βρεγμένο δέρμα απλώνουμε ανάλογη ποσότητα σε ολόκληρο το πρόσωπο, αποφεύγοντας την περιοχή του στόματος και των ματιών, και ασκούμε ελαφρά πιεστικό μασάζ. Ξεπλένουμε καλά με ζεστό νερό.Συστατι..
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