Antiaging Ampoules

Brand: AG-Pharm EAN: 5200703500516
Facial serum with rejuvenating and anti-aging action. Provides rich and instant hydration, increases skin elasticity and makes skin smoother and smoother.  The active ingredients of the serum offer:Tightness Velvet feelingSuitable for all skin types. DIRECTIONSHold th..
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Brand: Darphin EAN: 882381088125
Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate is formulated with 98% of ingredients from natural origin, such as nourishing Jojoba, Sesame, Macadamia and Argan Oils. Instantly moisturizes and plumps skin, creating a supple look and feel, combatting dryness traditionally seen among Retinol products. T..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888273087
Enriches your daily cream treatment with biomimetic peptides, which prevent the contractions of facial muscles, while it also helps against expression wrinkles.Neuromuscular function is fully restored after discontinuing use of the product. SUITABLE FORReduction of expression wrin..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888273001
Enriches your daily cream treatment with collagen (a structural protein of your skin), maintaining the skin’s moisture and increasing its firmness and tonicity.SUITABLE FORFirming Hydration Every skin type & ageDIRECTIONSApply 1 drop each onto your forehead, chin and cheek..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888273049
Enriches your daily night cream treatment with retinol (vitamin A) and contributes to skin restructuring, even in extreme oxidizing stress conditions.Reduces the presence of free radicals.Note: Use along with products containing fruit acids is not recommended SUITABLE FORWri..
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Brand: Intermed EAN: 5205152015086
Eva Belle Αmpoules DMAE & ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8 for instant lifting effect and anti-wrinkle actionDMAE: Instantly improves skin firmnessAcetyl Hexapeptide-8: Enhances collagen and elastin production for deep reconstruction of the skin and wrinkle.Solium hyaluronate: Improves skin’s texture and br..
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Brand: Intermed EAN: 5205152015079
Eva Belle Ampoules PROTEOGLYCANS & VITAMIN C contribute to the restoration of brightness and volume in dull and tired skin with signs of aging.Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and promotes collagen synthesis, improving the skin’s appearance and re-activating its glo..
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Brand: PharmaQ EAN: 5200363800094
Monoderma A15 MonoDerma® Α15 – Kαθαρή Βιταμίνη Α (Ρετινόλη) 0,15%.Η Ρετινόλη είναι ο φυσικός ρυθμιστής της κυτταρικής ανάπλασης, καθώς ομαλοποιεί τον κύκλο ζωής των κερατινωδών κυττάρων, ενώ παράλληλα ρυθμίζει τη λειτουργία των σμηγματoγόνων αδένων σε συνδυασμό με αντιφλεγμονώδη δράση. Η τοπ..
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Brand: PharmaQ EAN: 5200363800087
Monoderma C10 MonoDerma® C10 – Kαθαρή Βιταμίνη C (L-Ασκορβικό Οξύ) 10%. Η τοπική εφαρμογή της Βιταμίνης C είναι ο καλύτερος τρόπος αντιμετώπισης ενδεχόμενων δερματικών παθήσεων. Έχει ισχυρή αντιγηραντική και αντιοξειδωτική δράση κατά των ελεύθερων ριζών, ενισχύει τη σύνθεση κολλαγόνου, αυξάνει την..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888273063
Enriches your daily night cream with vitamin C and activates defence mechanisms against free radicals. Leaves the skin radiant with an even tone, while reducing the signs of ageing.The use of sunscreen is required during the day.SUITABLE FORAntioxidant protection Radiance Every sk..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888273117
Enriches your daily cream treatment with peptides and active antioxidant ingredients, supports the network of structural proteins, increases skin density, and treats the sagging caused by biological ageing, fast weight loss, and Tech Neck. SUITABLE FORFirming Increased skin density ..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888273025
Enriches your daily cream treatment with bioactive, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and provides deep hydration, optimizing water circulation at a cellular level.Maintains skin density and reduces the signs of ageing. SUITABLE FORHydration Reduces wrinkles Every skin type..
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