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 Makeup and care tips to keep your lashes thick and long:  1. Apply concealer under the eyes to brighten the look, drawing attention to the eyes. 2. Make a line with a dark pencil at t..
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 UVA / UVB radiation and sun protection!  What is UV radiation?Ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) is part of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by the sun.It is divided into three types..
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Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Boost  To keep the skin healthy and beautiful, you need to take good care of it. Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost day & night productprovides the skin with all the n..
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NO-MAKEUP MAKE-UP   You must have seen on social media the new fashion in makeup, the #nomakeuplook.It was started by famous singers and actresses uploading "natural" photos to account..
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 Valentine’s Day makeup look  A few days left for the most romantic day of the year! Whether you have arranged a romantic dinnerwith your partner or going out with your girlfriends, you sh..
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 What is the Micro Needle Roller? The Micro Needle Roller is a specialized product made of medical steel micro needles, suitable for all ages and skin types. How does it work? The effect..
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 HOLIDAY MAKEUP Holiday makeup allows for glitter, bold, bright colors and lots of gold dust.See below the steps for a charming make-up for Christmas Eve.  After you're done..
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 TIPS TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL-LONG-LASTING MAKEUP  A successful long-lasting make-up presupposes proper cleansing of the face in order to ensure healthy, elastic and glowing skin.Adequate hydrat..
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 ORANGE LIPSTICK...THE TREND OF 2016  Many may consider it outdated. But this is wrong! Starting from 2016 to today!It is undoubtedly the juiciest proposal for the next period.Orange lip..
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 STEPS FOR PROPER MAKEUP REMOVAL  First we remove the make-up and then we clean the face. Otherwise, the remnants of the make-up get mixed with the dust and dirt and are distributed in t..
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 What is the right shade for me? THE NEW CLASSIC LIPSTICK AT THE MOST AFFORDABLE PRICE!!For the first time, a lipstick with high micro-pigment technology, which forms and accentuate..
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