Body Care

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NUXE Research  Innovation: your 100% feel-good body care routine.Revitalise your body and mind with Rêve de Thé, the new body care line that promises a holistic treat.A green Tea Extra..
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 Nuxe: Why we should take care of our body? What can I use?Accounting for around 15% of our total weight, skin is the largest organ in the human body.It acts as an effective barrier to protect..
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Mini BEES: Unique hair & body products for children  New children's series MINI BEESIs there anything more important than ensuring the future good health of our children's skin? If that's w..
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 Weight Loss - Nutritional Supplements Many of the nutritional supplements on the market can help regulate metabolism you and in reducing fat.Most contain natural ingredients that have been p..
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 How to choose the right diet supplement for weight loss? Learn the right ingredients!A large category of dietary supplements is that of weight and fat loss where we have:Food supplements ..
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10 reasons our body loves summer!The heat, the sun, our contact with the sea and nature in general favor our health.Most of our body's systems work better in the summer and at the same time hav..
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 We Introducing to you the new ELANCYL product "Slim desing"  Caffeine Complex The revolution against the orange peel lookA new ingredient, Salacia (Known in Ayurvedic Medicine)…..
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 THE ELIXIR OF BEAUTY Oral hyaluronic acid (HA)  It controls the water content in the tissues, binds large amounts of moisture increasing the skin's hydration. It increases the ski..
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