Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083

Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083
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Podia Athletes Feet DeoPowder offers complete protection against excessive sweat and bad odor and contains active ingredients with soothing properties that absorb excess moisture and keep feet dry and healthy. Its antiperspirant and antimicrobial composition prevents fungi from sticking to the feet skin, while it offers a blend of exquisite perfume notes that boosts an all-day feeling of freshness.

  • Foot and toes, socks and shoes.
  • DeoPowder against Excessive Sweat and Bad Odor in a 100g package.
  • Daily use, Care and Protection against Excessive Sweat and Bad Odor, Pre-Exercise Care.

  • Provides antiperspirant, antimicrobial and soothing action.
  • Offers complete protection and prevents fungi and bacteria attachment to the skin.
  • Suitable for use on feet, socks and shoes.
  • Does not leave residue.

Award-winning Composition at the Best In Pharmacy Awards 2018.
For the natural antiperspirant composition of the Athletes Feet DeoPowder.
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Smelly feet and fungi
The appearance of unpleasant foot odor is a consequence of microorganisms and fungi growing on feet’s skin. And this is just a consequence of finding their ideal conditions to get attached and multiply. These conditions are formed mainly by the warm and humid environment caused by many types of shoes, such as sneakers, and get even worse by our demanding daily habits and routines.

“Athlete’s foot”, what is it?

When we talk about “Athlete’s Foot”, our mind automatically goes to a healthy and strong foot. In reality, however, we are referring to a foot condition, which is directly related to the above parameters of the unhygienic environment created by fungi and excessive and intense sweating. Simply put, it usually starts with sweaty feet been enclosed in tight and poorly ventilated shoes. The origin of this fungal infection is usually located between the toes, while it spreads gradually to the entire lower part of the foot and the nails.

Daily care for healthy and fresh feet
The best way to deal with bad odor is to prevent it. Athletes Feet DeoPowder was created by Podia to protect your feet, even during the most demanding condition, by providing long-lasting freshness and effective protection from excessive sweating and the conditions that favor the development of fungi and bad odor.

  • Instant sweat absorption.
  • Prevent the appearance of excessive moisture between the toes.
  • Freshness and long-lasting exquisite perfume notes.
  • Prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Active natural ingredients
Bamboo powder, equisetum extract, and sage, for complete foot care. A combination that regulates sweating and treats its consequences, preserving a healthy level of moisture for your feet during sports, stress and demanding physical activities.

  • Control and absorption of excessive sweat.
  • Long-lasting refreshing sensation.
  • Effective natural composition, without aluminum salts.

Special packaging and smart cap
Athletes Feet DeoPowder is contained in a special package with a specially designed cap, for the effective protection of the content, ease of use and safe transport.

  • Protecting the content.
  • Easy to use and transport.

Healthy & Dry Feet
Athletes Feet DeoPowder is created Podia as an innovative product in the daily antiperspirant care for your feet, providing freshness during your training, sport and physical activity, and all the demanding conditions of your daily routine.

34.9-40.6% of foot conditions are fungal

Protection from Excessive Sweat and Bad Odor
The most effective way to protect our feet from excessive sweating, fungi and unpleasant foot odor is applying a daily care routine. That’s why Podia Athletes Feet DeoPowder was created to effectively target and face the causes of problem, by preventing excessive sweating, neutralizing bad odors and protecting the health of the skin.

1)As always, the first step begins with hygiene. That’s why we make sure our feet are always clean and dry before applying Athletes Feet DeoPowder. Choose Podia Cleansing & Exfoliation Soap for maximum results.
2)We dry our feet well and apply a sufficient amount of Powder, insisting especially on the area between the toes.
3)Ideally, we repeat the process one more time, especially during our most active and demanding days.

For even better results, it is recommended to also use Athletes Feet DeoPowder in socks and the interior of shoes, since its special composition leaves no residue.

Athletes Feet DeoPowder

Bambusa Arundinacea Stem extract in powder acts as a regulator of foot perspiration, absorbs effectively moisture and maintains an all-day feeling of freshness.

Equisetum Arvense extract offers its refreshing and antioxidant properties, taking care of the skin’s health.

Sage is known for both its skin care and antiseptic properties.

Kaolin & Talc
Pharmaceutical grade Kaolin & Talc, for complete protection against skin friction, and effective absorption of the excessive moisture.

Tetrahydrocurcumin of high purity, providing strong antioxidant and antimicrobial action.

Zinc Endeclenate and Zinc Oxide to relieve itching and burning sensation.

Allantoin has a strong soothing effect, providing the skin with the necessary rehydration.

Rejuvenating long-lasting scent and effective deodorant action with an odour-modifying mechanism.

Aluminum salts
Does not contain Aluminum Salts.

Dermatologically Tested
Athletes Feet DeoPowder is dermatologically tested.

Special Instructions and Precautions
Avoid inhalation and eye contact. 
Don’t apply near mucous membranes and injured skin or open wound. 
Don’t use in case of known hypersensitivity to one or more of its ingredients.

Please note that the information provided on this site does not in any way replace medical advice and treatment. In case you have or suspect that you have any health problem, you should seek medical advice and ONLY follow the medical instructions. Always read the instructions for use and precautions mentioned in our product brochures carefully.

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