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Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083

Podia Athlete's Foot DeoPowder 100gr Ref:00083

Athlete’s Foot DeoPowder
Bad odour, sweat and fungi in lower limbs. Now you have the lead against this annoying combination!

Solve the problem using Podia Athlete’s Foot DeoPowder. Specially formulated to provide advanced protection from intense perspiration, bad odours and fungi. With a ground-breaking antioxidant composition that aims to provide complete protection for feet that are strained by exercise and effective relief absorption of sweat.

Medical device.

  • Advanced anti-perspirant, antioxidant and antimicrobial composition
  • Special mixture of an natural anti-perspirant compound for the effective reduction of perspiration and bad odour
  • Neutralises bad odours through an odour-modifying mechanism
  • Strong soothing and cooling protection
  • Rejuvenating long-lasting scent
  • Triple action, with sage, horsetail and bamboo powder, which regulates perspiration

Award-winning Composition in Best In Pharmacy Awards 2018.

Dermatologically tested
Without aluminium salts


Apply a sufficient quantity of powder on a clean and dry skin, taking extra care of areas between toes, 1-2 times per day. It is recommended to use the product also in socks and the interior of shoes. Does not leave residue.

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