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Bennett Benlif 200ml

Bennett Benlif 200ml

Benlif adults by Bennett is the first natural syrup that soothes all the symptoms of the common cold, such as cough, runny nose and sore throat.



  • It has multiple, mucolytic, bronchodilatory, soothing and expectorant action, thanks to its ingredients.
  • It is a 2 in 1 syrup: it is both a syrup and a vitamin C supplement, which means that it strengthens the body’s defences.
  • It contains stevia, a natural sweetener, which is ideal for diabetic patients
  • suitable for diabetics and homeopathic therapy

10ml (1 spoon), 3 times a day


amazing taste Basil & Pine


Pine: It soothes the symptoms of common cold (cough, runny nose).

Sage: Used to treat the symptoms of throat inflammations & infections.

Ηollyhocks: Soothing action. For sore throat and dry cough.

Thyme: Used as expectorant in cases of cough due to common cold.

Eucalyptus: Soothes the symptoms of respiratory infections.

Gooseberry: Strengthens the body’s defences and facilitates breathing.

Acacia Honey: This is the most suitable type of honey for diabetic patients as it has high fructose content.

Vitamin C (1000mg/day): Strengthens the body’s defences.

Stevia: The modern sweetener, ideal for diabetic patients.


The natural ingredients of Benlif were selected on the basis of the following references: EMEA EUROPEAN MEDICINES AGENCY, ESCOP: EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC COOPERATIVE ON PHYTOTHERAPY, NATIONAL PHARMACOLOGY.

Benlif is manufactured exclusively in Greece.

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