Shipping Methods to Europe


Valid for pre-paid orders ONLY.

Shipments are made in collaboration with ACS courier.

Indicative delivery time in working days
EU1:​​​​​​​ 9-15 Working days
EU2:​​​​​​​ 10-15 Working days
EU3: 10-30 Working days

The charge for shipping an order to an EU country depends on the charge zone you are in.
There are three Charge Zones:
EU2: FRANCE - UNITED KINGDOM (Channel Islands not served) - ITALY (Vatican City, San Marino not served) - IRELAND - LATVIA - LITHUANIA - LUXEMBOURG - MONACO - ROMANIA - SLOVENIA
EU3: ESTONIA - SPAIN (Andorra, Gibraltar not served) - MALTA - PORTUGAL - SWEDEN - FINLAND

Prices for shipments to European Union countries.

Shipping charges for orders based on weight - EU

  • Charge up to  2Kg- EU1:  18,00€ - ΕU2: 22,00€ - EU3: 28,00€
  • Charge up to  3Kg- EU1:  19,00€ - ΕU2: 24,00€ - EU3: 30,00€
  • Charge up to  4Kg- EU1:  24,00€ - ΕU2: 35,00€ - EU3: 71,00€
  • Charge up to  5Kg- EU1:  28,00€ - ΕU2: 44,00€ - EU3: 73,00€
  • Charge up to 10Kg- EU1:  35,00€ - ΕU2: 49,00€ - EU3: 79,00€
  • Charge up to 15Kg- EU1:  39,00€ - ΕU2: 56,00€ - EU3: 88,00€

Packages over 15 kg are not supported

Charge Based on Dimensions
The charge for each shipment depends on the combination of size and weight.
If the volumetric weight of the shipment is greater than the actual one (cases of light parcels with a large volume),then the charge is based on the volumetric weight and is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions of the package and dividing by 3,000.

Volumetric Weight (in kilograms)= ((length) x (width) x (height) in centimeters)/ 3,000

The consumer must be informed with his own diligence about the conditions and specifications required by the legislation of his country of residence or residence, so that the products ordered from our online store ensure their smooth passage from our store to the consumer recipient.
For the necessary specifications, the consumer is informed by the competent Authorities of the country of delivery of the products.

In particular, the products must meet specific customs requirements, conditions and restrictions, in order to be imported into the country of destination, such as composition specifications, restrictions of type, weight, dimensions, requirements of necessary accompanying documents, manuals, etc.The consumer must confirm that the products he orders from our online store meet these specifications.

The consumer can find out about the characteristics of the products in our store either by contacting the producer of the products or with our online store, or in any other convenient way.If he finds that the products do not meet the necessary specifications to be imported into the country of destination, he must refrain from the order, otherwise he will be charged with any related expenses that arise.Specifically, the consumer bears any costs resulting from the refusal of the authorities of the destination country to allow the entry of the product into its territory, whether it is the cost of shipping and returning the product to our online store, or the cost of storage or necessary handling, or for additional duties or legally imposed fines due to non-compliance of products with legal specifications.

***If your order is not received and is returned to us, the shipping and return costs are borne solely by the customer.
***Shipments of refrigerator products are not made outside Greece
***According to Greek law, we do not sell medicines over the internet, nor can we receive and execute prescriptions.