Oral Hygienic Promo Packs

Brand: Curaprox EAN: 7612412423686
Ciao stains. Ciao discolouration A charcoal toothpaste. It’s as black as night. But it gently whitens. The activated carbon simply absorbs unattractive, discoloured particles. Refreshingly lemony «Black Is White» whitening toothpaste removes discolouration using activated carbon without abr..
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Brand: Korres EAN: 5203069059667
Offers total protection and an invigorating sensation. Enriched with fluoride and eucalyptus essential oil, it helps protect against decay and caries and strengthens teeth enamel for the daily care of teeth and gums.Its soft texture lowers the risk of erosion, while the Spearmint and Lime taste ..
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Brand: Korres EAN: 5203069059599
Combines whitening and cleansing action. Enriched with fluoride, sage and chamomile oil it helps protect against dental plaque and caries for the daily care of teeth and gums. The whitening agents help reveal the natural whiteness of the teeth, while the Anisum and Εucalyptus taste ensures long-last..
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Brand: Pierre Fabre
Elgydium gel is a low-abrasion toothpaste with just the right fluoride content to effectively protect sensitive teeth (1250 ppm fluoride ions) so that you can enjoy hot or cold, acidic or sweet food and drink again.PRODUCT ADVANTAGESHelps more fluoride bind to the enamelGel formulation fo..
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Brand: Pierre Fabre EAN: 3577056025075
Elgydium Phyto is a daily-use toothpaste containing natural myrtle extracts and fluorinol (1350 ppm). Through the synergistic action of these two compounds,Elgydium Phyto helps reduce dental plaque build-up and increases teeth enamel resistance to acidic substances. Menthol and camphor-free, Elgydiu..
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