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Brand: Castello EAN: 8437005602007
Replace common salt with 0% sodium salt. Bonsalt is prepared with natural ingredients. Fully natural salt for the heart, providing a potassium content of 44.8 g per 100 g salt in place of the sodium. It is manufactured with the latest technology and strict quality control. It also has the Kosher cer..
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Brand: Chemco EAN: 5205056164255
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Brand: Intermed EAN: 5205152005056
Liquid Stevia sweetenerThanks to its unique composition, enhanced with natural ingredients from the stevia plant, Slim fix is the ideal sweetener, an alternative to sugar for those who pay attention to their diet.The natural sweet taste of Slimfix makes it an ideal choice for those who pay attention..
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Brand: Nestle HealthScience EAN: 7613031872589
Resource® Instant Protein is for the dietary management of patients with increased protein needs and/or decreased protein intake. KEY FEATURES & FLAVORS Fiber-free, Gluten-freeFlavor: NeutralIt is a nutritionally complete Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical super..
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Brand: Nestle HealthScience EAN: 7613032720254
ThickenUp® Clear is a powder thickener used to modify the consistency of food and drink, both hot and cold, without changing the flavor or color.  Importantly, it rapidly achieves and maintains a stable bolus viscosity to allow for safer swallowing.Its efficacy is clinically proven, and it p..
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Brand: Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition EAN: 8716900562761
Το Fortimel Extra είναι διαιτητικό τρόφιμο για ειδικούς ιατρικούς σκοπούς. Υπερπρωτεϊνικό, υπερθερμιδικό πόσιμο θρεπτικό σκεύασμα, όγκου 200ml.Εμπλουτισμένο με όλες τις βασικές βιταμίνες, μέταλλα και ιχνοστοιχεία. Ελεύθερο γλουτένης.Για τη διαιτητική διαχείριση δυσθρεψίας που σχετίζεται με α..
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EAN: 5200321007121
No to caffeine, yes to coffee!If caffeine wakes up not only you but also your nervous system, it is good to forget it, without being deprived of your favorite taste of coffee.. Nocca, the coffee substitute made exclusively from natural ingredients, has a wonderful taste and aroma like coffee, ..
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Brand: Uni-Pharma EAN: 5206938001606
CardioSalt is a mineral salt, contains 50% lower Sodium and it is a Special Dietary Food. High Sodium concentration leads to fluid retention and affects individuals with:High blood pressure Heart conditions Liver and/or kidney conditionsThe substitution of common table salt with Ca..
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Το Fresubin Energy Fibre Easy Bag είναι ένα συμπλήρωμα διατροφής σε υγρή μορφή για ασθενείς με αυξημένες πρωτεϊνικές ανάγκες, υψηλής θερμιδικής αξίας, για πρόσληψη όλων των απαραίτητων θρεπτικών συστατικών.Το Fresubin Energy Fibre Easy Bag αποτελείται από πρωτεΐνες (γάλα) φυτικά έλαια (ηλιέλαιο)..
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