Nasal Congestion

Brand: A.Vogel EAN: 7610313807208
Po-Ho essential oil for inhalation is made from the highest quality essential oils. It contains a mixture of the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, caraway and fennel. It is available in a 10ml bottle as well as inhaler stick.Mixture of purely natural, high quality, essential ..
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 3830070471519
Nasal Spray for the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.Artelac Nasal Ectoin helps to significantly reduce symptoms such as runny nose and itching, nasal congestion and sneezing.It also reduces the harmful effects of allergens and airborne particles.Artelac Nasa..
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Brand: Epsilon Health EAN: 5213001490687
Υπέρτονο αλατούχο διάλυμα με Ν-ακετυλοκυστεΐνη για την προστασία, υγιεινή και ενυδάτωση των ρινικών κοιλοτήτων. Κανονικοποιεί τις ρινικές εκκρίσεις και προλαμβάνει την ανάπτυξη του βακτηριακού βιοφίλμ. Κατάλληλο για ενήλικες και παιδιά άνω των 3 ετών. Χρήση : 2-3 ψεκασμοί ανά ρουθούν..
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Brand: Epsilon Health EAN: 8050444850800
Tonimer Nose Gel Ισότονη ενυδατική γέλη που προστατεύει, καταπραΰνει, και λιπαίνει το ρινικό βλεννογόνο από το αίσθημα καύσου και ξηρότητας. Με πανθενόλη και υαλουρονικό οξύ. Προϊόν κατάλληλο για μετεγχειρητική χρήση. Κατάλληλο για παιδιά και ενήλικες.Χρήση: 3-4 εφαρμογές ημερησίως. 2..
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Brand: Erbagil EAN: 8050538121915
Otorig Nasal SpraySHOCK THERAPY OF THE NASAL MUCOSA Otorig Nasal Spray with Ozoile, without drugs and cortisone, is a protective medical device, decongestant and sanitizer of the nasal cavities, specific for the prevention and treatment of both acute and chronic nasopharyngeal diseases c..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888221194
Specialised cream formulated to treat perioral area. Prebiotics and herbal ingredients naturally relieve irritation and dryness around the mouth and nose.The cream provides antimicrobial protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-itch effect..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888106125
Nasal decongestant with sea water for infants from 3 months.Frezymar Cleaner Baby seawater is collected directly from the controlled area of Cancale Bay in Brittany, which is widely known for its water quality and purity.Congestion Rhinitis SinusitisSUITABLE FORInfants fro..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888106170
Nazal Baby Isotonic is a nasal daily hygiene solution for babies, designed to help clear and purify the nasal passage. It is directly extracted from the controlled area of the bay of Cancale in Brittany, widely known for the quality and purity of its waters.Cleans Moisturizes SUIT..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888261046
Dry nasal ointment for relieving nasal irritations and enhancing the nasal skins barrier. The ointment provides an alternative antimicrobial action that prevents the development of infections, reduces inflammation and restores the disturbed skin flora. It contains no drugs and can be used by infants..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888261176
Saline solution with 0.9% NaCl that cleanses the nasal cavity with osmotic action.It contains coarse salt from Mesolongi, rich in beneficial salts and trace elements,Immediately upon contact with the nasal mucosa, a film is formed that reduces the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (itching, runny no..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888261152
Saline solution with 2.2% NaCl that relieves cold symptoms, cleanses the nasal cavity, removes mucus, with osmotic action and frees the breath.It contains coarse salt from Mesolongi, rich in beneficial salts and trace elements. In addition, it brings together a unique blend of natural ingredient..
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Brand: Frezyderm EAN: 5202888261190
Saline solution with 2.2% NaCl which relieves directly from severe cold symptoms, releases breathing directly and removes mucus with osmotic action.It contains coarse salt from Mesolongi, rich in beneficial salts and trace elements. In addition, it brings together a unique blend of natural ingre..
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