Frezyderm (Baby-Line) Baby A.B.C.C. 50ml

Frezyderm (Baby-Line) Baby A.B.C.C. 50ml
Frezyderm (Baby-Line) Baby A.B.C.C. 50ml
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Emollient oil that treats and relieves cradle cap.

The vitamin E enriched formula improves the functioning of baby’s skin, treating cradle cap at its source. At the same time it softens and treats the afflicted area of the scalp.

The oil has active anti-irritant and antiseptic ingredients and has been especially formulated to treat baby’s skin.



Lightly massage onto the points where cradle cap has appeared and leave on for 30-60 minutes, until easily removed. Then wash with baby shampoo.



Chamomile oil: Healing, soothing, antiphlogistic effect
Α-bisabolol: Anti-irritant, antiseptic effect
Vitamin Ε: Regulation of sebum secretion | Improvement of the imperfect functioning of the infant skin | Maintenance of skin moisture

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