Brand: Filorga EAN: 3401399693984
FOAM CLEANSER cleanses, removes makeup, and hydrates.Gently cleans and perfectly removes makeup.Contains hyaluronic acid for a younger looking skin. FILORGA products are subject to strict requirements in terms of quality, tolerance, and effectiveness. Each ingredient is meticulously ..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3540550009476
GLOBAL-REPAIR INTENSIVE Nutri-Restorative Multi-Revitalising SerumGLOBAL-REPAIR INTENSIVE, a concentrated multi-action serum specifically for dull-looking skin, inspired in renowned aesthetic medicine techniques for a visible and intense youth-enhancing effect.GLOBAL REPAIR INTENSE can be u..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3401360225121
HYDRA-FILLER MASKHYDRA-FILLER MASK, the power of a serum concentrated in a mask with a second-skin effect, for moisturized and visibly plumped skin in 15 minutes./ Double hydration [Flash + Power]A mask soaked in a formula with hyaluronic acid combined with NMFs – Natural Moisturizing Fa..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3540550000237
HYDRA-HYAL CREAMHydrating plumping creamThe plumping anti-wrinkle cream inspired by Filorga’s expertise in injectables, which incorporates 5 types of hyaluronic acid of natural origin to hydrate, plump and smooth the skin.The hydrating plumping HYDRA-HYAL face cream delivers 5 different types o..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3540550009568
LIFT-MASK Ultra-Lifting MaskLIFT-MASK, the power of a serum concentrated into a new generation mask for a surprising anti-ageing effect in just 15 minutes./ Twofold lifting effect [lifted features + replumped skin]The first time Laboratoires FILORGA has used Plasmatic Lifting Factors [c..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3540550009612
LIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE Ultra-lifting perfecting rosy-glow fluidLIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE, a brightening ultra-lifting rosy-glow fluid that tackles lack of firmness, loss of volume, tired features, lack of evenness and dull complexion.Ultra-lifting skin care, revealing natural radiance inspir..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3540550008110
LIFT-STRUCTURE Ultra-Lifting CreamLIFT-STRUCTURE, an ultra-lifting cream formulated with active ingredients derived from aesthetic procedures for a radical anti-aging effect./ Surprising lifting efficiency[Smoothed features + Redefined volumes] / Plasmatic Lifting Factors® compl..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3401348573060
MESO-MASK FILORGA’s bestselling illuminating face mask/ A boosted formulaRich in collagen and elastin to hydrate and smooth features, enriched with rhamnose polysaccharide to soothe redness, brighten your complexion and reveal radiance, MESO-MASK is ideal for all skin types.Additionally,..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3401560361926
MICELLAR SOLUTION Face and Eyes CLEANSES – REMOVES MAKE-UP – HYDRATESEnriched with moisturizing and soothing ingredients for a younger looking skin.Face and eyes – Fragrance-free – No need to rinse OUR COMMITMENT: THE SAFETY AND TRANSPARENCY OF OUR FORMULASFILORGA products are su..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3401360156456
NCEF-ESSENCE Supreme Multi-correction Face Lotion[Hydration – Radiance]NCEF-ESSENCE, a moisturizing concentrate – using water sensors, AQUA-MX technology provides express and long-lasting hydration in just 30 minutes./ Skin booster effectNCEF combined with a polysaccharide, work to ..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3401360192232
NCEF-REVERSE MAT Supreme Multi-Correction Fluid [Wrinkles – Firmness – Radiance]NCEF-REVERSE MAT, a multi-correcting skincare product designed for oily and combination skin with ultra-concentrated NCEF to visibly improve skin quality and reduce the appearance of the signs of aging./ Intensi..
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Brand: Filorga EAN: 3540550009148
NCEF-REVERSE EYES Multi-Correction Eye Cream[Wrinkles – Dark circles – Puffiness – Radiance]NCEF-REVERSE EYES, a concentrated multi-corrector eye care cream concentrated in NCEF to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging and visibly reduce the signs of eye fatigue./ Complete revital..
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