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Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown 1pcs

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown 1pcs

The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown is the only test that reassures you that the test is working and when the answer is coming.

Only Clearblue has a unique progress indicator that counts down to the result and gives you confidence every step of the way until your result is digitally displayed in words.

The extra wide tip makes it easy to use and the unique Floodguard™ Technology inside helps keep excess urine from entering the device and causing test errors.

The test also features a hygienic cap.

Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown gives you reassurance while you wait for your result and an accurate digital reading even in early pregnancy.


Reassures You the Test is Working

The only pregnancy test that counts down to the result.


Answers in Words

Get Your Answers in Words

Clear digital results in WORDS means no interpreting lines, and an accurate reading at an emotional time.

Reduce Errors During Testing
Designed to Reduce Errors During Testing

The extra wide absorbent tip and integrated Floodguard™ Technology help reduce the #1 reported cause of user error by over 70%2.

Accuracy You Can Trust

The test is over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day of the expected period3.


Can Test 5 Days Before your Missed Period

Sensitive enough to be used 5 days sooner than waiting until you miss your period to test1.



  1. Before you begin
    Always read the instruction leaflet carefully before taking a pregnancy test.

If you're testing from the day you expect your period, you can test at any time of the day. If you're testing early, use the first urine of the day. When ready to test, remove the digital pregnancy test stick from the foil wrapper and take off the blue cap. Use the test right away.


  1. Take the test
    Place the absorbent tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds only. Or instead, place the absorbent tip in a sample of urine collected in a clean, dry container for 20 seconds only. Replace the cap and lay the test stick flat.

         Smart Countdown Pregnancy test

          The Smart Countdown will now be shown on the display so you know the test is working. Each segment will appear (flashing) in sequence to show the test is progressing.


  1. Read your results
    Your result will appear within 3 minutes, and some results may be shown in as little as 1 minute – the Smart Countdown will progress more quickly in this case. A ‘Pregnant’ (positive) result will remain on the display for up to 6 months. A ‘Not Pregnant’ (negative) result will remain on the display for approximately 24 hours.

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