Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680014871
This lightly-textured toner envelops the skin with a layer of Moisturizing freshness and improves its texture: pores are tightened, the skin surface is refined and the complexion is brighter.Suitable for all ages (adults), ideal for 18- to 25-year-olds. DIRECTIONSApply with a cotton ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680021985
Exalting Fragrant WaterGreen Tea Fragrant Water - awakens the senses, revitalises the mind Contains 93 % natural origin ingredients This fragrant water, a feel-good concentrate with  invigorating  and revitalising properties, boosts the senses with its addictive scent combining notes of..
30.23€ 40.30€
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680021978
Refreshing Deodorant | 24-hour This roll-on deodorant features asmart technology: a trio of active ingredients which adapt to the skin's needs to effectively prevent odours for 24 hours*. Its fluid texture with a revitalising green Tea scent is rapidly absorbed with no sticky finish and leav..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680025105
Revitalising Moisturising LotionBody lotionMoisturises Softens RevitalisesContains 98 % natural origin ingredientsABOUTThis silky lotion will win your heart with its irresistible softness and uplifting scent: green tea is combined with a 100% natural-origin sugar complex..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680022012
Revitalising Shower GelShower gelCleanses. Softens. RefreshesContains 95 % natural origin ingredients This ultra-sensorial shower gel, a dreamy harmony of a botanical cleansing base and a green tea extract, delicately cleanses the skin to leave it feeling soft and comfortable. ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680021992
Toning-Firming Cream Firming body cream - tones and moisturises the skin Contains 96 % natural origin ingredientsThis delicately scented cream is soft on the skin and gentle on the mind, and contains a firming duo combining green tea and a rye extract. Its cooling texture is rapidly absorbed..
32.18€ 42.90€
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680028014
Discover this amazing multi-purpose product combining a 48-hour moisturising cream, a make-up remover milk and a plumping mask. The secret of this magical cream enriched with Sweet Almond Plant Milk and Oil lies in its novel formulation and irresistible texture. It can be applied in different qu..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680027994
Melting and delectable moisture. A delectably velvety and irresistible texture that infuses the skin with its moisturising benefits. Enriched with Sweet Almond Plant Milk and Oil, this cream boosts moisture for 48 hours* and instantly makes the skin appear more plump, with visible effectiveness for ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680028854
Nourishes the skin and boosts moisture for 48 hoursMelting and delectable moisture. An amazing butter texture that melts instantly on contact with the skin to envelop it in its nourishing benefits. Enriched with Plant Milk, Sweet Almond Oil and Botanical Butters (Shea and Moringa), this rich cre..
15.53€ 20.70€
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680022173
This moisturising spray-on cream offers 24 hours* of moisturising effectiveness in a quick-and-easy to use application. Enriched with Sweet Almond Botanical Milk, this light mist cloaks the face in its milky freshness with a delicious scent of Orange Blossom. Sweet Almond Botanical Milk: its ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680015823
Inspired by Korean cosmetics, this liquid primer lotion with an anti-oxidant complex containing Jasmine flower and Vitamin C refreshes, replumps and reveals the skin's freshness Skin is re-energized and ready to derive maximum benefit from daily care products. DIRECTIONSApply morning and..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680015861
This eye contour gel with botanical caffeine and an anti-oxidant complex containing jasmine flower corrects the main markers that alter the youthful appearance of the eye area (puffiness, dark circles) and helps to protect this delicate area from external aggressions.Its delicate and refreshing ..
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