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Lamberts® takes great care to ensure the purity of the 5-HTP used in this product which is extracted from a natural source, the seeds of a plant called Griffonia. The extract from this plant is now one of the most extensively used supplements worldwide and is particularly popular in the USA where it..
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Lamberts® Omega 3 Berry Bursts have been specially formulated for those aged 3 years and over. Chewing the soft capsule releases a burst of delicious natural blackcurrant flavour and delivers essential Omega 3 fatty acids alongside the vital vitamins A, C, D and E.The Berry Bursts are a particul..
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Eyewise® provides a full 20mg of lutein (pure, free-form) per tablet, making our product one of the strongest available.It also provides bilberry, blackberry and grapeseed, all well known plant polyphenols, as concentrated extracts. Plus the mineral zinc and the B vitamin riboflavin, both of whi..
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Lamberts® Flax Seed Oil is an excellent alternative to fish oils as the oil is 50% by weight Alpha-Linolenic Acid and therefore contains almost twice as much Omega 3 per gram of weight than standard strength fish oils.Alpha-Linolenic Acid is converted by the body into the omega 3 fatty acids EPA..
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Folic acid plays an essential role in cell multiplication and is critical in DNA and RNA formation, and is therefore especially important in foetal development. It is now widely accepted and established that lack of folate during the first trimester of pregnancy increases the risk of neural tube def..
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This product combines the hugely popular nutrient Glucosamine Sulphate with another called Chondroitin Sulphate. The tablets are made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.This is a high strength supplement and the two nutrients are included at levels that have been used in clinical studies...
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This is a high strength glucosamine and chondroitin formula that also provides potent levels of other nutrients. Each ingredient has been selected based on their different, but complimentary, functions and are presented at levels that are nutritionally relevant.Three tablets provide the full 140..
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Brand: Lamberts EAN: 5055148411039
Lamberts powdered L-Glutamine is an easy and affordable way to supplement the diet with this fascinating amino acid as the recommended dosage is often 5grams, an amount that would fill 10 capsules. Lamberts® L-Glutamine is a mild tasting pure powder that can be easily mixed with drinks or sprinkled ..
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Lamberts Phenylalanine is the natural L-Phenylalanine and is presented in its free-form to help ensure optimal absorption.This product is made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.Please Note: People with a condition known as phenylketonuria (PKU), in which phenylalanine cannot be broke..
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Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and the normal functioning of the nervous system. It also contributes to maintaining normal muscle function, including the heart muscle. Magnesium is also increasingly recognised as a nutrient that can contribute to a reduction of tiredness an..
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