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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 4049649000930
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 4049649000923
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 3830070471519
Nasal Spray for the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.Artelac Nasal Ectoin helps to significantly reduce symptoms such as runny nose and itching, nasal congestion and sneezing.It also reduces the harmful effects of allergens and airborne particles.Artelac Nasa..
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 7391899851150
Biotrue multi-purpose solution  The world can be tough on your eyes when you wear contact lenses. Biotrue multi-purpose solution helps make wearing contact lenses easy on your eyes. Biotrue is easy on your eyes because it is formulated to work like your eyes.    Contains hyaluronan (HA) - B..
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 5903257000173
Bausch & Lomb Cebrolux NF Neuro Factor nutritional supplement is based on Cognizin citicoline, antioxidant vitamins and zinc.Thanks to its composition, Bausch & Lomb Cebrolux NF Neuro Factor is especially useful in cases where there is a normal decline of the substances contained in it, such as ..
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 7391899847306
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Brand: Baush & Lomb EAN: 4030571002994
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