Skin Care

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Hyaluronic AcidWhat is Hyaluronic acid?Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide found naturally in our body.This polysaccharide is a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) that exists in nature and offers us the followin..
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 6 Anti-Aging Tips That Will Transform Your Beauty Routine!  Do you want to stay young forever?We don't know how to stop the clock, but we can help you trick the cameras and mirrors into t..
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 PRODUCTS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR SKIN GLOW! 1. GlamGlow Supermattify 6-Acid Clarifying Primer 15gSUPERMATTIFY gives an immediate matte effect and reduces the appearance of pores with the Supe..
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 FACIAL NIGHT MASKS/ NIGHT TREATMENTS  Also known as sleeping masks and overnight masks, overnight masks are designed to be applied to your face before bed and worn overnight. They often pro..
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 SKIN CARE ROUTINE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN  If your skin breaks out easily or you often feel irritated by products, pollutants and everyday life in general, you could very well have sensit..
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 SKIN CARE ROUTINE FOR NORMAL SKIN  So, you’ve got “normal” skin? Lucky you! Normal skin is one of the lower maintenance skin types. It typically doesn’t require much work to prevent ex..
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 SKIN CARE FOR DRY SKIN  Dry skin can be uncomfortable and is usually marked by scaling, itcing , and cracking.While dry skin commonly affects the hands, arms, and legs, it can affect a..
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 SKIN CARE FOR ACNE/OILY SKIN   5 things we MUST do! Oily skin is considered to be one of the most common skin types. It causes discomfort to most because it presents certain challenge..
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Everything you need to know about PREMIUM Anti-aging skincare line Discover the Sublimating Gold Mask and the Absolute Anti-Aging Booster Serum! Lierac Paris Laboratories is pleased to unvei..
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Mini BEES: Unique hair & body products for children  New children's series MINI BEESIs there anything more important than ensuring the future good health of our children's skin? If that's w..
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 La Roche Posay: IRRITATED SKIN - TREATMENT     The many faces of sensitive skin:Year after year, the sensitive skin community continues to grow.Blogs and vlogs dedicated to th..
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