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Brand: A-Derma EAN: 3282770141962
Purifying Repairing CICA-Cream Dermalibour+ is effective from 24hrs¹ and of 100% natural origin. It immediately soothes, repairs* and purifies skin irritations for the whole family. It is the ideal solution for any area that is red, itches, stings or feels tight, including nipple irritation caused b..
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Brand: A-Derma EAN: 3282770111286
EXOMEGA CONTROL Emollient Cleansing Gel, Hair and Body cleanses, soothes and protects the atopy-prone skin of infants and children. 2-in-1 formula for softening children’s skin and simplifying mum’s life. Caressing foamNon-slippery texture that rinses off well Soap free, physiological pH ..
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Brand: A-Derma EAN: 3282770114768
PRIMALBA Nappy Change Cream prevents, minimises and soothes redness and irritation on a baby’s bottom.Use this dual protection skin care after each nappy change to keep the skin on your baby’s bottom healthy.Physical protection: The cream forms an insulating yet non-occlusive barrier. Skin i..
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Brand: A.Vogel EAN: 7680581920022
Echinacea tabletsChewable, tasty Echinacea tablet for colds & flu Helps fight the misery of colds and flu For children 12 years and over Replaces Echinaforce Junior Made from freshly harvested Echinacea purpurea herb and root Ideal for those who want to take Echinaforce® but don't l..
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Brand: Active Iron EAN: 794712651420
Active Immune For Kids helps support your immune system Contains high-strength Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Zinc in a one-a-day tablet. Active Immune Kids is specially formulated to help support your children’s immune system throughout the year.Each delicious, chewable tablet combines three essenti..
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Brand: Altion EAN: 3700225602528
Vitamin D for Infants and childrenDid you know that vitamin D is essential even in infants for proper bone and tooth development?With 2 drops of the nutritional supplement ALTION Kids D3® per day you can cover with absolute safety the daily needs of newborns and children in 100% natural Vita..
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Brand: Altion EAN: 3700225602436
ALTION Kids Polyvitamins is a multivitamin nutritional supplement for young and old children.Its intake helps to fill the nutritional gaps since in addition to the necessary vitamins and minerals it also contains valuable extracts from 22 fruits and vegetables.ALTION Kids Polyvitamins contai..
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Brand: Altion EAN: 3700225602443
ALTION Kids Vitamin C contains Vitamin C of 100% natural origin, with a wonderful cherry flavor.It comes exclusively from the fruits of the Acerola plant and is ideal for supplementing the daily diet in a practical and smart way that children like. The recommended daily dose of ALTION Kids Vitam..
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279080266
This soothing sunscreen cream has one natural filter and is specially designed for the sensitive baby skin. It offers safe protection, while also replenishing the skin. Water resistant.• Provides broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection with one natural filter.• Soothes sensitive baby skin and pr..
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279081126
LotionThis light textured hypoallergenic cream is specially designed to offer very high protection to sensitive skin, prevent and sooth irritations. It is ideal for protection during summer activities as it is very resistant to water, resistant to sand and sweat.• Provides broad-spectrum UVA..
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Brand: Apivita EAN: 5201279013776
The most natural way to take care of your skin in case of:Dryness Mild irritations, rashes Children's sensitive skin BENEFITSThe APIVITA Herbal Creams range is formulated with healing herbs based on the theory and tradition of Hippocrates. Calendula (marigold) is known for i..
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