Intermed Unident Kids Prebio Toothpaste 6m+ 50ml

Intermed Unident Kids Prebio Toothpaste 6m+ 50ml

Unident kids Prebio Toothpaste

Non-fluoride toothpaste, with prebiotics, for the care of the first baby teeth

Unident Kids Prebio Toothpaste is specially designed Toothpaste with natural ingredients for the daily protection and strengthening of sensitive children's teeth and gums.

It contains a unique combination of prebiotics and xylitol which maintains the homeostasis of the oral mucosa and effectively protects teeth and gums.


  • Balances oral flora
  • Protects from carries
  • Protects from acids

Suitable for infants from 6 months

Natural peach flavor.

Fluoride, sugar, parabens, alcohol-free


Placing a small amount (equal to a lentil) of Unident Kids Prebio Toothpaste in a soft toothbrush (suitable for children). Brush the infantile teeth with gentle movements and then rinse with a small amount of water. For maximum protection and care of infantile teeth brushing is recommended in the morning, afternoon, and evening, after meals.

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