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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680028014
Discover this amazing multi-purpose product combining a 48-hour moisturising cream, a make-up remover milk and a plumping mask. The secret of this magical cream enriched with Sweet Almond Plant Milk and Oil lies in its novel formulation and irresistible texture. It can be applied in different qu..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680027932
An ultra-light and irresistible texture that delivers a real surge of freshness for the skin. Enriched with Sweet Almond Plant Milk and Oil, this fluid boosts moisturising for 48 hours* and instantly mattifies combination skin. Skin appears visibly transformed: skin texture is refined and pores are ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680027994
Melting and delectable moisture. A delectably velvety and irresistible texture that infuses the skin with its moisturising benefits. Enriched with Sweet Almond Plant Milk and Oil, this cream boosts moisture for 48 hours* and instantly makes the skin appear more plump, with visible effectiveness for ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680028854
Nourishes the skin and boosts moisture for 48 hoursMelting and delectable moisture. An amazing butter texture that melts instantly on contact with the skin to envelop it in its nourishing benefits. Enriched with Plant Milk, Sweet Almond Oil and Botanical Butters (Shea and Moringa), this rich cre..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680022173
This moisturising spray-on cream offers 24 hours* of moisturising effectiveness in a quick-and-easy to use application. Enriched with Sweet Almond Botanical Milk, this light mist cloaks the face in its milky freshness with a delicious scent of Orange Blossom. Sweet Almond Botanical Milk: its ..
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Brand: Nuxe EAN: 3264680012273
This refreshing moisturizing serum provides even extremely dry skin with intensive moisture. With its unique combination of plant milk and hyaluronic acid, this care product moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences for 48 hours.Immediately after applicatio..
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