Intermed Unisept Mouthwash 250ml

Intermed Unisept Mouthwash 250ml
Intermed Unisept Mouthwash 250ml
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Unisept Mouthwash is a uniquely designed daily mouthwash, which thanks to active oxygen it offers cleansing, antimicrobial and healing action.

It contributes in this way to daily hygiene care & protection of the mouth.

Promotes the healing process and relieves discomfort that can cause cancer sores, ulcers & wounds of the oral cavity of any etiology.


Relieves the pain and accelerate the healing process of wounds and sores of the mouth caused by:

  • Dental surgeries
  • Orthodontic applications
  • Dentures
  • Ulcers
  • Gingivitis
  • Fights bad breath
  • Treats xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Suitable during pregnancy & lactation
  • With active oxygen (carbamide peroxide 4.3%)
  • Without alcohol


A quantity of approximately 10 mL is used undiluted with the help of the metered cap and is swished in the mouth for 1 minute.

Therapeutically: Use 4 times a day, after meals and before going to bed.

Daily: Used day and night after brushing the teeth.

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