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Frezyderm Sun Screen Fluid to-powder Spf50+ 50ml

Frezyderm Sun Screen Fluid to-powder Spf50+ 50ml

A sunscreen liquid facial cream that combines effective sun protection with the new texture transformation trend, for both cosmetic pleasure and skin care.

Based on the Transforming Textures innovation, once the sunscreen is applied to the skin, its texture is gradually transformed from light cream to a unique sense of powder.

At the same time, white peony extract*- White Peony Pure- enhances the epidermal barrier, reduces transdermal moisture loss and improves skin hydration mechanisms.

 For very high protection, with a unique feel of powder.


Treats the symptoms and protects against:

  • chronic dryness of the skin
  • poor functioning of the skin barrier
  • premature aging


  • enhancement of the skin barrier
  • hydration
  • anti-aging action
  • very high sun protection

White peony extract beneficial to the skin has been specifically studied in volunteers with impaired epidermal barrier and chronic dryness due to exogenous and endogenous factors such as vitamin D deficiency (e.g. vitamin D).



  • All skin types
  • Ideal for dry and photoaging skin




Apply in sufficient amounts (2mg / cm2). Apply the sunscreen on dry skin, 20-30 minutes before sun-exposure and reapply every 2 hours, or right after swimming or towel drying. Avoid contact with eyes & fabrics.

SERIESActive Sun Care

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