Frezyderm Kids SunCare Cream Spray SPF 50+ 275 ml

Frezyderm Kids SunCare Cream Spray SPF 50+ 275 ml

Very high protection sunscreen spray for children in sprayable cream form.

The innovative Switch-Oil Phase Technology in addition to a special targeted spray pump it converts the cream into microdroplets for uniform and faster application.

It creates a hydrophobic protective film with the moisturizing and nourishing properties of a cream.

Enriched with active high antioxidant protection, for the protection and restoration of sensitive child skin from the harmful effect of solar radiation.



  • Children
  • Photosensitive Skin



Shake well before use. Spread the sunscreen evenly including the difficult areas, such as the ears, forehead, nose, feet soles and behind the knees. Apply the sunscreen to dry skin 15-20 minutes (20-30 minutes is too long) before sun exposure and renew every hour, inducing on the surface of the skin covered by the T-shirt and definitely after swimming or wiping using a towel. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not spray directly on the face but spray first on the hand and then apply it on the face.

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