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Evdermia (Face) Silken Face Day Cream SPF40 50ml

Evdermia (Face) Silken Face Day Cream SPF40 50ml

Moisturising – Sunscreen face cream (can be used throughout the year) offer high protection SPF 40 and high UVA protection***



A strong combination of specially designed sun blocking filters, which ensure high protection against UVA and UVB radiation.
Vitamin E, reinforced protection against free radicals (antioxidant action).
Unicontrozon, a high-quality complex of ingredients with antioxidant action, offering protection against skin damage by the air pollutant ozone.
Unitamuron H-22, a polysaccharide complex of vegetal origin with multiple actions, offering long-lasting skin moisturization, exceptional smoothing effect and velvety texture.
Unimoist U-125, offer long-lasting skin moisturization, elasticity and, at the same time, a younger look.



Deep and long-lasting moisturisation
High protection against UVA-UVB radiation
Antioxidant action
Protection against skin damage by the air pollutant ozone
Mat texture
Exceptional water and sweat-resistant properties



Apply Silken face day cream evenly on face and neck before sun exposure.

Over-exposure to sun is not recommended even when using a sunscreen product.

Re-apply frequently, especially after swimming.

Avoid exposing your skin to sun between 12.00 and 16.00. Sunburns can be dangerous.


Application area: Face, eyes, neck and neckline

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