First Aid Isothermical Aluminum Blanket Gold 1,60x210cm

First Aid Isothermical Aluminum Blanket Gold 1,60x210cm

Isothermal Emergency Blanket

High quality aluminum coated rescue sheet, for use in first aid to protect casualties against hypothermia, moisture, wind or sunrays.

Protect yourself from the cold

Retains 80% of your radiant body heat

Compact and lightweight for easy storage

Easily fits in your pocket, purse, glove box, back pack, day pack and more.


- Material: Plastic, metallised with aluminium

- Measures: 160 x 210 cm

- Color: Gold/Silver

- Weight: approx. 60 g

- CE certified Medical Device acc. to 93/42/EEC


- Highly reflective

- Extremely thin and tear-resistant

- Prevents heat loss

- Protects against hypothermia

- Stops largely the thermal radiation

- Good visibility at the accident site

Application field

- First aid kits for vehicles (acc. DIN 13164)

- First aid kits for enterprises

(acc. DIN 13157, DIN 13169)

- Leisure, sport, domestic area

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