Duo Condoms Extra Thin 3pcs

Duo Condoms Extra Thin 3pcs
Duo Condoms Extra Thin 3pcs
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The extra thin condom is so delicate that it allows you to feel the warmth of your partner.

  • Special head shape 65mm wide for more comfort.
  • Smooth and transparent surface with natural color
  • Lubricated and teat-ended
  • With vanilla scent neutralizer                                                                                
  • Nominal width 56 mm 

DUO condoms are designed to ensure comfort, protection and enjoyment and are manufactured to the highest international standard.

For your confidence each condom is electronically tested for added quality assurance.

Α condom is for a single use only. If re-use there may be an icreased risk of failure οr infection.

Stor in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. If you are using a latex condom, don't use oil based  lubrications such as skin lotions, baby oil, vaseline as these products weakens the latex.

Always use water based or latex compatible lubricants.

Consult a doctor or a pharmacist if you or your parthner is using prescription that is applied to the penis or vagina. In case of allergy reaction, condoms should only should be used after consulting a doctor.

No contraceptive can guarantee 100%  protetion against pregancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 

Natural latex-rubber may cause allergic reactions is some people, anaphylatic shock.

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