Bio3act Repellent Collar Small 35cm 1pcs

Bio3act Repellent Collar Small 35cm 1pcs
Bio3act Repellent Collar Small 35cm 1pcs
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BIO3ACT is a repellent collar that uses the repellent properties of three different active ingredients: Geraniol, Lavender and Icaridine.

Indications: Prevention of 4 months duration, sinus stings, mosquitoes and tick infestations, fleas, lice, mites.



 Apply the collar around the animal’s neck without tightening it. Cut off the leftover piece from the buckle. Wash your hands after application. Do not use in sick or recovering animals. The collar does not need to be removed during bath, as the active substances remain unaffected upon contact with water. Replace the collar every 4 months.


Do not use the collar to hold the dog or cat. Do not use in puppies and kittens under 4 months of age. The collar has a safety lock which breaks in the event of an accident.

Safety Instructions: Contains GERANIOL. It can cause an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children.


LAVANDULA HYBRIDA (CAS 91722-69-9) 45gr/kg. GERANIOL (CAS 106-24-1) 2,95gr/kg. ICARIDINE (CAS 119515-38-7) 43,65 gr/kg. ΒΙΟ3ACT contains potent biocidal substances belonging to the TP-19 category.


10-0030—Collar Small 35cm
10-0031—Collar Large 60cm
10-0032—Collar X-Large 75cm

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