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Brand: Fleriana EAN: 5200102461357
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Brand: Fleriana EAN: 5200102461319
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EAN: 1504400000000
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Brand: Tafarm EAN: 5200706400615
AFARM ANTI-PHLEBOTOME CITRO ΚΑΛΛΥΝΤΙΚΟ-ΠΡΟΣΤΑΤΕΥΤΙΚΟ ΣΚΥΛΩΝ ΣΥΝΘΕΣΗCitronella και άλλα αιθέρια έλαια εσπεριδοειδών, μη ιονικές τασιενεργές ουσίες, αλκοόλη, νερό. ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗΚαλλυντικό προϊόν με αιθέρια έλαια εσπεριοειδών. Περιποιείται σε βάθος το δέρμα και το τρίχωμα του σκύλου..
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EAN: BIO3ACT | 9991
BIO3ACT is a repellent collar that uses the repellent properties of three different active ingredients: Geraniol, Lavender and Icaridine.Indications: Prevention of 4 months duration, sinus stings, mosquitoes and tick infestations, fleas, lice, mites. DIRECTIONS Apply the collar aroun..
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EAN: 9991000606
Citronella Spray deeply treat the dog’s skin and fur that remain clean and healthy. In addition the product provides effective protection against various exogenous factors that affect the hair. DIRECTIONSSpray the animal’s fur daily (early in the morning or at sunset) giving more emphasi..
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